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Welcome to the Central & North Florida Business Travel Association website!  Founded in 1989, the Central and North Florida Business Travel Association (CNFBTA) is an official chapter of the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), whose members represent corporate travel and meetings executives, major corporations and travel suppliers throughout the world. CNFBTA along with the global organization provides our members with information on travel and meetings technology, services, legislation, security, benchmarking and costs that affect the business travel and meetings industry. 

To learn more about CNFBTA please explore our website, reach out to our Membership Director or any Board Member or attend one of our next meetings!  We would welcome the opportunity to tell you more about the benefits of being involved with our organization.   

A letter To Our CNFBTA members From Our President: 

For all in the travel industry, the impact of Covid 19 is felt across multiple dimensions: the economic impact on ourselves and our families, the unknown effects on our strategic partnerships, the physical and emotional impacts of isolation and the overall impact of living in a world of uncertainty. What we are learning and what we are being told is changing on a daily basis. Given the current environment, we will postpone our quarterly face to face CNFBTA meetings until the impact of the virus has been mitigated but remain committed to providing a space to share and connect within our community. If you would like a way of connecting with your peers, please visit our private Linked In forum by pasting the following in your browser:  .  We hold true to our commitment to all of our members that we will share information as the news around this virus continues to change, so let's come together as a travel community and provide what support we can to one another. 

If you would like to connect privately, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at 321.442.3305.  Wishing you all health, strength and support.


Shanna Gregg, CNFBTA President, on behalf of the CNFBTA 2020 Board

GBTA Webinar: "Managing in a Prolonged Crisis 2020 and Beyond" 

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GBTA Statement on the Coronavirus

GBTA is a global association with operations on six continents and members throughout the world.  We are very aware of the impact that the coronavirus (COVID-19) is having on the entire business travel and meetings industry. 

GBTA will continue to monitor COVID-19 until the medical community says the virus has been contained.  Our main concern is on the health and safety of our global members and program participants. We encourage our members to follow the travel restrictions set in place where they reside and if traveling, when they arrive at their destination.  We encourage all to practice preventative measures such as those outlined by the World Health Organization.  

GBTA also encourages all members and attendees of our global events to check out the following resources to keep up to date with the coronavirus. 

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